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It’s You. Clearly.

Atlanta is a very international, diverse city, and the first language of many professionals here isn’t English. Since clear communication is a requirement for success in business, a strong accent or dialect can be a career impediment for even the most talented people.

Enter accent reduction services, and Accent Redux Pro. This business was started by a proven language coach and speech pathologist who is incredibly skilled at helping people communicate more clearly.

After learning about the business and clarifying the goals, I researched the industry to better understand the prospects and how best to ‘speak’ to them. I discovered a common objective to this type of service: clients were concerned about minimizing their character or personality. This was addressed throughout the project with copywriting and creative elements.

The happy client ended up with a bold logo and a memorable tagline (It’s You. Clearly.), a unique website design and a custom WordPress theme so it’s easy to maintain.

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