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about tom

Tom is an Atlanta web designer, senior graphic designer, art director and copywriter. Tom can manage your website, troubleshoot your computer, program your database and make your PowerPoint presentation sing with style. He’ll gladly direct your photo shoot. Twist his arm, and he’ll do your photo shoot. (Tom loves photography. He laments, however, that he does not have the time to shoot as he once did.)

Tom’s been both a graphic designer and web designer for a good while and chances are he’s probably got the skills you’re looking for.

where is tom?

After twenty years of working for others companies — a brief eight-year stint at Prudential Bank (Prudential Financial), a short tour of duty at Saint Joseph’s Hospital and a quick three and a half years at JS Creative — Tom launched Brand Cultivation, an small and creative Atlanta web design firm. Today Tom helps small businesses, ministries and a growing number of local schools with their website design, logo design, branding and marketing. He welcomes your inquiry.

story time

Got five minutes to kill? Head over to the unblog and read Tom’s short story Pine Island Shooting.

back to first

Appreciative of the fact that you’ve read this far, Tom apologizes for the third-person treatment you’ve had to endure. And he promises to revert to ‘regular speak’ from this point forward.